The Technology Transfer Center of the National Institute of Research and Development for Food Bioresources, a PROMETHEUS Project Partner organised the last episode of Workshop Series PROMETHEUS ROMANIA 2022

The Technology Transfer Center of the National Institute of Research and Development for Food Bioresources organised the last episode of Workshop Series PROMETHEUS ROMANIA 2022. The series of events dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship took place under the umbrella of the PROMETHEUS project “Innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of digital transformation, circular economy and sustainable development”, a project funded by EIT Manufacturing.

The Workshop “Cyber security. Procedures and case studies” took place online on Friday, December 23, 2022, at 11.00, and had as a special guest Elena Zvarici, Security Support Engineer Endpoint Protection. Elena Zvarici presented to the audience useful insights on cyber security in relation to entrepreneurship and new business ideas support. During her presentation, special support was given to the importance of cyber security in the contemporary business world as well as the usage of approved and tested tools  in the context of compliance policies. 

At the beginning of the Workshop,  Yannis Charalabidis, coordinator of the PROMETHEUS, made also a short presentation of the project and project achievements as well as next steps for 2023.

The workshop concluded with an interesting discussion on cybersecurity solutions and customization based on the needs of different projects, users’ roles and e-governance aspects

PROMETHEUS’ objectives are directed towards promoting institutional engagement and change, as well as the development of innovative services for innovation and entrepreneurship, aiming at:

  • Improving the services offered to students and faculties to help them in entrepreneurial and innovation activities;
  • Development of multidisciplinary facilities and structures to stimulate innovation;
  • Working with EIT Digital (Primary) and EIT Energy, Climate and Manufacturing (secondary);
  • Creating structures and conditions for innovation-based research in collaborating higher education institutions;
  • Develop and use structures for creating and evaluating ideas in the areas of digital transformation and the circular economy;
  • Strengthening curricula for innovation and entrepreneurship, using both formal and informal means of education;
  • Development of entrepreneurial innovation and training and mentoring programs for staff and students.

The series of workshops organized by INCDBA-IBA Bucharest aims primarily to involve stakeholders from the Romanian space in support activities in increasing the value chain of entrepreneurship education, in areas such as management, leadership, waste management, economy and implications in conflicting moments, the relationship between education and industry, precision agriculture and agriculture, civil society and the involvement of NGOs in training and entrepreneurship, European policies and cohesion policies, digital transformation and digital governance, social assistance through the direct involvement of the personalities of the moment in informing young students and future entrepreneurs.

At the same time, the working environment within the workshops will offer the chance to increase the PROMETHEUS ecosystem by creating a network of universities, enterprises, collaborating research organizations, government bodies, NGOs and other societal partners.
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