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Support by PROMETHEUS tool guides you through the core activities of EIT’s nine Innovation Communities. EIT’s Innovation Communities are partnerships that bring together businesses, research centers and universities, allowing them to strengthen the entrepreneurship environment. PROMETHEUS project activities revolve around increasing the engagement and involvement of private & public sector entities (e.g., SMEs, funding enterprises and technological bodies) in co-development, co-deployment and parameterised application of tools and methodologies to the involved HEIs entrepreneurial programmes, curricula, and activities to nurture entrepreneurial skills.

Explore the strategies set along with activities carried out that cover the entire innovation chain: training and education programmes, reinforcing the journey from research to the market, innovation projects, as well as business incubators and accelerators. Gain useful information for access to new markets and new business opportunities in the societal challenges EIT Innovation Communities are active. 

EIT’s nine Innovation Communities: 

  • EIT Climate-KIC: Working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy
  • EIT Digital: Driving Europe’s digital transformation
  • EIT Food: Leading a global revolution in food innovation and production
  • EIT Health: Giving EU citizens greater opportunities to enjoy a healthy life
  • EIT InnoEnergy: Achieving a sustainable energy future for Europe
  • EIT Manufacturing: Strengthening and increasing the competitiveness of Europe’s manufacturing industry
  • EIT Raw Materials: Developing raw materials into a major strength for Europe
  • EIT Urban Mobility: Smart, green and integrated transport
  • EIT Culture & Creativity: Transforming Europe’s Cultural & Creative Sectors and Industries

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EIT Climate – KIC is a European knowledge and innovation community working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy through whole systems transformation. Through its strategic agenda, EIT Climate – KIC expects to reshape the innovation model for addressing the climate emergency, enabling a new relationship between innovation demand and supply in a systems innovation approach directed to changing systems.


Mission and Vision

EIT’s mission is to catalyse systemic change through innovation in areas of human activity that have a critical impact on greenhouse gas emissions – cities, land use, materials and finance – and to create climate resilient communities. EIT Climate-KIC is working to achieve this mission through its Theory of Change, which argues that ‘business as usual’ innovation alone is not delivering climate action fast enough, something reinforced by the slow pace of the Union’s decarbonisation in key systems. Many features of this approach, which brings a systemic lens to classic innovation, are reflected in aspects of Horizon Europe, particularly the intent of Missions, and are consistent with the type of innovation called for by the IPCC. Crucially, EIT’s strategy also offers a way of combining innovation, entrepreneurship, education, and sustainable innovation ecosystems, as well as the power of KIC communities, to maximize the potential for change in places and across value chains. Deploying this advanced version of knowledge triangle innovation, as called for by the EIT SIA, to support showcases of transformation, Deep Demonstrations of rapid decarbonisation and climate resilience in Europe, EIT Climate-KIC provides a compelling value proposition for EU Member States recovering from COVID19.

EIT – Climate’s vision is for a prosperous, inclusive, climate resilient society with a circular, net-zero emissions economy by 2050.


EIT – Climate KIC has the following areas of focus:

  • Cities: creating the climate-resilient, zero-carbon towns and cities of the future
  • Sustainable Production Systems: fostering innovation to reduce industrial carbon emissions
  • Decision Metrics & Finance: unlocking finance for climate action
  • Sustainable Land Use: accelerating climate-smart agriculture, sustainable food and climate-resilient forests

Also, EIT – Climate KIC is active in the following programmes:

  • Deep Demonstrations: EIT Climate-KIC’s response to climate emergency has been to focus its efforts on systems innovation, to generate options and pathways for radical transformations in whole countries, cities, regions, industries and value chains
  • Transformation Capita: The Transformation Capital Initiative (TCI) is a new open innovation programme. Its intention is to develop, demonstrate and mainstream a new investment logic (Transformation Capital) that enables asset owners to invest in systemic change
  • EIT Climate-KIC Education: With a focus on real-life challenges and learning by doing, EIT Climate-KIC’s online learning, and professional development and graduate school programmes are the most transformative of their kind
  • Entrepreneurship: Support of more than 2,000 start-ups, making the EIT Climate-KIC start-up community one of the largest worldwide. Our start-ups are leaders in their fields. In the last three years, almost 20 Climate-KIC backed entrepreneurs have been honoured in the ‘Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe’ list
  • Research and Innovation: Work on an innovation model of knowledge exchange and technology transfer called the knowledge helix. In this model, there are flows of knowledge and experimental learning between government, academia, industry, and civil society, feeding back on strategy and decision-making to create socially accountable policies and practices

Since 2010, EIT Climate-KIC has:

  • Launched 469 innovative products and services on the market, avoiding an estimated 13 Million Tonnes (MT) of CO2e2 per year
  • Developed the world’s most extensive climate tech accelerator, supporting over 1,800 climate-positive businesses, who have raised more than €1.5bn in follow-on investment and created over 10,000 jobs
  • Strengthened the climate leadership potential of more than 44,000 participants of our education programmes, where 46% are women (cf. 32% STEM average in Europe)
  • Built the world’s biggest green start-up ideas competition, now across 56 countries (Climate Launchpad) and the led Climathon, an annual city climate hackathon event running simultaneously in over 100 cities per year across 6 continents
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Climate – KIC continues to expand its network, funding, mentoring and partnerships. See inadequately:

Climate – KIC also works with trusts, foundations, city municipalities and businesses to provide a range of services that address real-world challenges and innovation needs.

Cooperation opportunities include also:

EIT Digital launched in 2010 as one of the first wave EIT KICs with the ambitious mission to turn Europe into a global leader in digital technologies. Through its development journey EIT digital has addressed and continues to act so, important challenges in the field of digital innovations such as the osmosis of European values to the digital world, the support of digital entrepreneurship, R&D investments, deeptech innovation and the support of the European education system.

Mission and Vision

EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation. Its way of working embodies the future of innovation through a pan-European ecosystem of over 200 top European corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities, and research institutes, where students, researchers, engineers, business developers, and entrepreneurs collaborate in an open innovation setting. This pan-European ecosystem is located in Amsterdam, Berlin, Braga, Budapest, Brussels, Eindhoven, Edinburgh, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Milano, Munich, Nice, Paris, Rennes, Stockholm, Trento, and San Francisco.

EIT Digital was established in 2010 with a vision to deliver breakthrough digital innovations to the market and breed entrepreneurial talent for economic growth and improved quality of life in Europe.


EIT Digital is focused on entrepreneurship and is at the forefront of integrating education, research and business by bringing together students, researchers, engineers, business developers and entrepreneurs. EIT Digital invests in strategic areas to accelerate the market uptake of research-based digital technologies focusing on Europe’s strategic, societal challenges: Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Infrastructure and Digital Finance.

EIT Digital breeds T-shaped entrepreneurial digital talent focused on innovation through a blended Education Strategy that includes a Master School, Doctoral School and Professional School.


Launched in 2010, EIT Digital set out on a journey of growth. Growth of our community, growth of delivery on innovation, entrepreneurship and talent, and growth of its impact through thought leadership.

Since its launch, EIT Digital has equipped more than 2,200 students with the skills to innovate and become entrepreneurs; EIT Digital has supported more than 370 start-ups and scaleups to grow internationally, created more than 200 ventures and launched more than 530 products and services commercially.

EIT Digital matured against the background of a fast-accelerating digital world and a growing focus on entrepreneurship in Europe. Complementing the strong European research base, this entrepreneurial mindset will strengthen Europe’s position in a digital world driven by data, platforms, and the network economy. Creating a Strong Digital Europe will safeguard European values by being inclusive, fair, and sustainable.

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The community of EIT Digital partners entails more than 300 top European corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research institutes from all over Europe.

EIT Digital Partnership Models:

Also EIT digital offers the following:

  • In the field of Digital Skills
  • In the field of Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship Opportunities

EIT Food accelerates innovation to build a future-fit food system that produces healthy and sustainable food for all.

Mission and Vision

With teams in place across Europe, EIT Food creates connections right across the food system: between startups and corporates; between food entrepreneurs and investors; between consumers and industry; between research and action; between ideas and reality; between present and future.

EIT Food is the world’s largest and most dynamic food innovation community. Collaboration is central to its work, which spans the whole food value chain, and is vital to meet the big challenges the world faces. Together with its community, EIT Food is building an innovative and resilient food system that in turn creates a healthier society and planet.

  • Partners – EIT Food partner network is made up of a consortium of key industry players, businesses, research centers and universities from across Europe.
  • Startups – Unlocking innovation potential and scale agrifood startups to bring new technologies and products to market.
  • Cross EIT Projects – There are many different EIT Food activities helping build a better food system for Europe.
  • Regional Innovation Scheme – The EIT Food RIS strategy focuses on enhancing development within the agrifood sector by implementing activities related to innovation, education, business creation and communication in RIS countries and regions. This outreach scheme is open to students, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and consumers and it’s aimed at upgrading their skills and taking full advantage of their creativity.
  • FoodHIVE – FoodHIVE is EIT Food online membership platform where those in the EIT Food community, such as universities, research institutes, industry, start-ups and students, can connect and share with each other. Through FoodHIVE, members exchange ideas, get mentorship, implement projects and share knowledge. FoodHIVE facilitates collaboration and provides a unique space for members to join groups, share news, attend events and more.

EIT Food works is the following key areas: 

  • Innovation – EIT Food guides and accelerates food innovation to transform the food system. It  focuses on inclusive systems innovation, which enables all people and places to participate and benefit.
  • Entrepreneurship – Startups play a fundamental role in transforming the food system. EIT Food supports innovative impactful agrifood entrepreneurs and startups to deliver new food innovations and businesses across Europe.
  • Education – EIT Food is attracting, developing and empowering bright minds to lead the transformation of the food system into an innovative sector that produces healthy and sustainable food, and is trusted by society.
  • Public engagement – EIT Food believes that we are all responsible for, and connected to, the food that we eat, so we all need to work together to improve it. Its activities are designed to engage with people so that they can become agents of change in the food.

EIT Food has a focus in 6  Innovation Areas. These are delivered with a combination of industry, education and research partners to improve environmental and health outcomes by developing solutions in the most promising food innovation areas. They include protein diversification, circular food systems, digital traceability, sustainable agriculture, sustainable aquaculture and targeted nutrition. More specifically,

  • Circular Food Systems – EIT Food current linear model of ‘make, use, and dispose’ is inefficient, wasteful and unsustainable. We need to move from this to a circular food system where we use resources more efficiently and re-use side and waste streams. EIT Food is working with entrepreneurs and food system stakeholders to drive innovation forward and scale sustainable, circular food solutions.
  • Digital Traceability – Digital traceability can alleviate and reduce many of the agrifood sector’s most pressing risks. It can optimize the use and reuse of materials or resources, boosting the sustainability and cost-efficiency of the food supply chain. Digital traceability technologies can also certify products to ensure only fair and sustainable goods make it to market – and that the authenticity of these products are communicated to the consumer. EIT Food works with a number of startups and partners innovating and making digital traceability the norm in the agrifood industry.
  • Protein Diversification – Protein is an important part of a healthy human diet, but the overproduction of animal-based protein is damaging to the environment. If we’re going to feed our fast-growing global population, then we need to find sustainable ways of producing new, high quality, safe and healthy proteins, such as plant-based proteins, cultivated meat and insect protein. EIT Food’s contribution includes supporting high impact agrifood startups working to create viable sustainable and healthy protein sources.
  • Sustainable Aquaculture – Aquaculture, the farming of aquatic animals and plants such as fish, shellfish, seaweed and algae in water environments, could meet up to two-thirds of global seafood consumption by 2030. However, aquaculture practices are often inefficient and can have a significant impact on the environment and aquatic biodiversity. By supporting entrepreneurs and industry stakeholders and educating consumers, EIT Food expects to have better scale sustainable aquaculture practices to ensure the future of seafood is secured. 
  • Sustainable Agriculture – Agriculture is at the heart of our food system; as our population grows, so too does our dependence on it to feed and nourish us. However, agriculture, forestry and other types of land use are currently responsible for almost a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is primarily from deforestation and emissions from livestock, soil and nutrient management and, therefore, the transition to sustainable agriculture is crucial. To achieve this, EIT Food works with startups and partners working to make farming more sustainable and equitable.
  • Targeted Nutrition – Targeted nutrition is a personalized approach to nutritional products and dietary guidance to create behavioral change towards more healthy and tailored diets as well as optimized for the individual. The work EIT Food is doing on targeted nutrition is increasing our understanding of the relative risk of malnutrition, obesity and non-communicable diseases for different groups of people. This is helping to ensure that nutritional products, services and information are designed and targeted at the groups of people they will provide the most impact for. EIT Food actively supports entrepreneurs and projects which aim to accelerate innovation around targeted nutrition, helping more people have access to healthier diets.

In 2021, EIT Food invested a total of € 56,676,426 in 8 different activities. In deciding where to invest, EIT Food aimed to maximize itsimpact across strategic objectives in the areas of education, innovation, business recreation, public engagement, and the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS). 

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EIT Health was established in 2015, as a ‘knowledge and innovation community’ (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). It is a vast, strong, and diverse European network of best-in-class organizations across education, research, industry, and healthcare delivery. EIT Health work across borders with partners, start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and entrepreneurs to answer the biggest healthcare challenges we face. 

Mission and Vision

EIT Health activates the knowledge triangle – the principle that when experts from business, research, and education work together as one, an optimal environment for innovation is created – to connect the brightest minds in business, research, and education.

EIT Health’s vision is to create a fertile environment in which innovation can flourish by building health enterprises and bringing innovative products and services to market, and thus creating new jobs to grow and strengthen a sustainable European economy.


EIT Health works in the following focus areas: 

  • Health Care Administration,
  • Health Consulting,
  • Innovation in Healthy Living and Active Ageing,
  • Sustainability of Healthcare,
  • Acceleration, and Education

Since 2016, EIT Health has: 

  • Supported more than 1680 start-ups
  • Trained more than 35,880 students and professionals 
  • More than 70 products and services 

Find out more about EITs Health’s impact in its Spotlight series at

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There are three types of Partners at EIT Health, each with its own selection criteria, rights and responsibilities within the organisation: 

  1. Core partners, 
  2. Associate Partners, and 
  3. External Project Partners.

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Also, EIT Health offers the following: 

EIT Innoenergy  brings people and resources together, catalysing and accelerating the energy transition. New ideas, products and solutions that make a real difference, and new businesses and people to deliver them to market.

Operating at the centre of the energy transition, EIT Innoenergy builds connections worldwide, bringing together innovators and industry, entrepreneurs and investors, graduates and employers.

EIT Innoenergy supports the acceleration of sustainable energy innovation through the following strategies:

  • Industry is linked with innovation and alumni, providing commercially attractive technologies spanning the energy value chain, and top talent to enhance innovation.
  • Start-ups, scale-ups, and innovators receive tailor-made support to boost and de-risk business cases and speed up time to market.
  • Students and learners have access to master’s programmes at 18 top technical universities and business schools, as well as online and blended courses.
Mission and Vision

The aim of EIT InnoEnergy is to build a sustainable long-lasting operational framework among the three actors of the knowledge triangle in the energy sector: industry, research and higher education, and ensure that this integration of the three is more efficient and has a higher impact on innovation than the three standing alone. EIT InnoEnergy brings people and resources together, catalysing and accelerating the energy transition. New ideas, products and solutions that make a real difference, and new businesses and people to deliver them to market.

EIT InnoEnergy Vision is to become the leading engine for innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable energy.


Energy storage: Innovation in large and small-scale storage that will:

  • Help integrate renewable energy into the electricity grid
  • Enable a more distributed and responsive distribution system
  • Support business opportunities for new actors in the energy system

Energy efficiency: Innovation in the areas of energy efficiency in buildings and industry, that together account for more than 50 % of the EU’s energy consumption, and at least 33 % of its CO 2  emissions

Energy for circular economy: The thematic field scope outline for the Energy for Circular Economy:

  • Feedstock sourcing technologies
  • Energy conversion technologies
  • Smart grids for energy carriers – logistics, transportation and distribution
  • Smart heat grids
  • Air quality and sustainability of conventional energy sources
  • Decommissioning technologies

Smart electric grid: New solutions that:

  • Enable the hosting of new services, technologies and business models
  • Enable information, communication and analytic capabilities on a large scale
  • Support enhanced cyber-security and critical infrastructure protection

Renewable energies: Innovation that:

  • Improves the production, penetration and profitability of renewable energy
  • Continues to develop all forms of solar technology
  • Improves reliability, accuracy and integration of onshore and offshore wind
  • Increases performance, lifespan and scalability of wave power

Sustainable buildings and cities: Fostering innovation that:

  • Enables energy-positive homes and commercial buildings
  • Encourages energy-saving behaviour at home and at work
  • Supports a smart and sustainable transport system

Energy for transport and mobility: Points of interest for EIT InnoEnergy are currently:

  • Zero-emission drivetrain. The technology in this focus area is already market-fit and has a direct impact on GHG emissions, raw material use, and energy efficiency. As a second order effect it thus also improves public health and the affordability of transport.
  • Autonomous driving technology, including products like advanced software, sensors, and other electronics. An optimized movement of vehicles could improve several dimensions, though: lower emissions, safer traffic, as well as better affordability and availability for people.
  • Innovative transport concepts, including offers that make the last mile for people (micromobility) or goods more efficient, or allowing for purpose-optimized concepts.
  • Energy provision infrastructure, including sustainable and efficient EV charging stations and or hydrogen infrastructure.
  • Mode-shifting new mobility services, including improved algorithm and route calculation for shuttle services to improve the operations – or mode aggregator service provisions. For the end customer, value shall be created by seamless access, real-time information, payment, and services.

In just eleven years EIT InnoEnergy has built the largest sustainable energy innovation ecosystem in the world:

  •  €690 million has been invested into more than 500 sustainable energy innovations, all on track to generate €72.8 billion in revenue by 2030.
  • 90% of our start-ups already work with global brand names including ABB, BMW, EDF, Engie, Tata Steel and Vattenfall.

EIT InnoEnergy Master School has attracted students from almost 100 countries. The School has more than 1,600 graduates making an impact in the energy transition all around the globe.

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Several events like webinars, workshops, conferences, thematic days etc are taking place for networking, new ideas, initiatives and challenges discussion and start-ups support among others. More information at the following link:

Cooperate with EIT InnoEnergy

As Innoenergy continues to grow in size and ambition, they are continuously looking for suppliers with unique skills, across a range of fields – from legal, IT and marketing support, to expertise in coaching and consultancy, to name just a few. This page contains all procurement procedures which are currently open for submission.

Also EIT InnoEnergy offers the following:

EIT Manufacturing is an Innovation Community within the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) – that connects the leading manufacturing actors in Europe. EIT Manufacturing’s headquarters are in Paris, with a network of Innovation Hubs across Europe: Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Austria and Greece.

Mission and Vision

EIT Manufacturing was established in 2019 with a vision that global manufacturing will continue to be led by Europe, and contribute to make Europe and its manufacturing sector more competitive and sustainable.

In doing so, EIT Manufacturing brings together a growing network of top-tier industrial partners, leading academic and research institutions from across the region and innovative startups, scaleups and SMEs. A key way of transforming knowledge into value is by overcoming the fragmented nature of many innovation networks. In order to ensure that innovations reach the market, industry has the right talent and entrepreneurs can thrive; EIT Manufacturing connects and integrates the areas of education, innovation and business creation. Ultimately, EIT Manufacturing strives to accelerate faster innovation with the potential to improve everyday life globally, help meet Europe’s ambitious climate goals, and ensure that its workforce is ready for tomorrow’s challenges.


EIT Manufacturing, together with its partners, has identified four focus areas —its flagships —  to help solve the most pressing challenges for a greener and more competitive European manufacturing and society.

  • Flexible Production Systems for Competitive Manufacturing

Emerging technologies enable almost limitless flexibility in product design and production, allowing full customisation.

  • Low Environmental Footprint Systems & Circular Economy for Green Manufacturing

Using new technology to minimize use of resources, energy, and material in production systems enables new circular business models.

  • Digital & Collaborative Solutions for Innovative Manufacturing Ecosystems

Collaboration and business on digital platforms and value networks enables companies to create new and highly efficient value chains.

  • Human-machine co-working for socially sustainable manufacturing

Smart use of automation and robots enables great workplaces, flexible production, and sustainable human work.

All flagships involve several programmes that cover a complete range of activities, training and up-skilling, and new business models.


EIT Manufacturing connects diverse networks and areas of expertise that are essential to industrial innovation. 

Through its Education activities, EIT Manufacturing seeks to empower Europe with people who are capable and inspired to shape the future of manufacturing. Its Innovation pillar helps the European manufacturing community, including companies and tech organisations, to industrialise innovative projects, and its Business Creation team empowers high-growth, profitable companies that have a positive social impact.  Finally, EIT Manufacturing’s Regional Innovation Scheme RIS is designed to overcome disparities between regions by strengthening the local innovation ecosystems in countries that are moderate or modest innovators. These areas are bridged through dedicated programmes and by strengthening links between key innovation actors. On a yearly basis, EIT Manufacturing supports about 100 projects.

EIT Manufacturing aims at creating a Pan-European Innovation Community and for that reason in has set its 2030 Goals: 

  • 30% of material use is circular
  • 60% of production uses sustainable practices
  • Create 360 new solutions
  • €325M investment attracted by EIT ventures
  • 50,000 people trained and up- or re-skilled
  • Create and support 1,000 startups
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Events like webinars, workshops, conferences, thematic days etc are taking place for networking, new ideas, initiatives and challenges discussion and start-ups support among others. More information at the following links:

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Job opportunities:

At EIT Manufacturing, you will be part of shaping Europe’s leading manufacturing community and will contribute to a more competitive, sustainable and innovative Europe. EIT Manufacturing’s work environment is characterised by a high level of professionalism and efficiency. The opportunity to be part of a dynamic, fast-growing European innovation organisation, featuring an international and flexible working environment and good possibilities for training and development, can be found on the following link:

Other Opportunities

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, employee in the manufacturing sector, investor, business professional or an engaged European citizen, you can be part of the manufacturing innovation for a greener and better Europe. Read more about the opportunities below:

Opportunities for entrepreneurs:

Calls for proposals:

EIT Manufacturing Education programmes:

Support in innovation:

Become a member:

If you are a company that is active in the manufacturing sector, a research organisation or university, you can join EIT Manufacturing as a partner, taking lead on the exciting journey of making Innovation happen in manufacturing.

EIT Manufacturing has three types of partner categories:

  •  Industry partners
  •  Academic partners
  •  Research and Technology Organisation partners

More information on how to become a member of EIT Manufacturing can be found on the link: 

By sharing knowledge, facilitating matchmaking activities, developing innovative technologies and supporting business creation, EIT RawMaterials aims to enhance innovation. More than 120 associated partners and 180+ project partners collaborate to find new innovative solutions to secure the supplies and improve the raw materials sector in Europe. EIT RawMaterials collaborates with partners across the entire raw materials value chain, from exploration, mining and mineral processing to substitution, recycling and circular economy. 

Mission and Vision

The overarching vision of EIT RawMaterials is to develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe. To secure the transition to green energy technologies, to securing growth and sustainable consumption, raw materials are indispensable. EIT RawMaterials envisions a resource efficient and sustainable society.

The mission of EIT RawMaterials is to enable sustainable competitiveness of the European minerals, metals and materials sector along the value chain by driving innovation, education and entrepreneurship. By integrating knowledge from industry, higher education and research this mission will be realized.

Find out more:


EIT RawMaterials focuses on six innovation themes:

  • Exploration and raw materials resource assessment: innovative and efficient technologies, securing raw materials supply in Europe
  • Mining in challenging environments: Innovative technologies for intelligent and sustainable mining
  • Processing increased resource efficiency in mineral and metallurgical processes: improved resource efficiency and safety
  • Substitution of critical and toxic materials in products and substitutions for optimised performance: sustainable materials for key technologies
  • Recycling and materials chain optimisation of end-of-life products: turning waste in valuable resources
  • Design of products and services for the circular economy: designing smarter solutions, closing material loops

EIT RawMaterials has defined four impact areas that reflect strategic EU raw materials aims and focus on different perspectives. The impact areas are:

  • Industrial competitiveness – value chain focus
  • Knowledge & innovation capacity – network focus
  • Environmental and social sustainability – society focus
  • Education & human capital – people focus

EIT Raw materials has implemented significant steps for creating ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship, complementing existing policies and initiatives, and establishing collaboration between different sides of the knowledge triangle. 

In addition, RawMaterials Academy, the overarching brand of all the education activities of the EIT RawMaterials, implements significant actions with the aim to  foster new ways of learning and teaching by connecting academia, industry and research organisations. These range from innovative education projects launched via calls and run by the Innovation Community’s partners to a number of centrally operated projects. Activities across the entire ecosystem of learners – PhD students, Masters’ students, industrial partners, professionals within the raw materials sector, and wider society – Find out more:

Stay updated on the latest news of EIT RawMaterials
Cooperate with EIT RawMaterials

 Encouraging positive changes in the way people move around cities in order to make them more liveable places is one of the goals of EIT UrbanMobility. EIT UrbanMobility aims to become Europe’s largest initiative transforming urban mobility.

Mission and Vision

EIT UrbanMobility programmes support our vision of creating more liveable urban spaces. By fostering innovation and transformation, we can improve people’s quality of life, decarbonise mobility and make Europe’s economy more competitive.

The mission is to use cities as living labs and demonstrate how new technologies can work to solve real problems in real cities. This will be done by transporting people, freight and waste in smarter ways.

 Find out more at


EIT UrbanMobility will address eight societal challenges:

  • Achieving sustainable urban growth
  • Decongesting our transport networks
  • Growing interdisciplinary talent
  • Eco-efficient and safe transport for people and goods, including waste
  • Data exploitation
  • Boosting the competitiveness of the mobility industry
  • Shaping the framework for regulatory and behavioural change
  • Urban governance

Addressing these societal challenges will be achieved by: enabling change (factory), building capacities (academy), creating options (innovation) and delivering solutions (business creation). 


EIT Urban Mobility business, academic and start-up partners work closely with city members to implement projects that improve how we move in urban environments.

From ensuring all perspectives are included in the design and creation of mobility products and services, to connecting partners to the best resources, and helping to scale proven solutions across European cities, these stories are a glimpse into what EIT urban Mobility does to make streets and public spaces greener, safer and healthier for all.

In addition, EIT UrbanMobility Academy works as a collaborative arena for lifelong learning, with the aim to build critical capabilities for innovation and transformation. The Academy is training the next generation of urban mobility practitioners, needed by the urban mobility ecosystem of the future. Its programmes are intersectoral, interdisciplinary, international and entrepreneurial. Find out more:

Stay updated on the latest news of EIT UrbanMobility
Cooperate with EIT UrbanMobility

EIT Culture & Creativity is the Institute’s newest Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC). Culture and creativity is the soul of Europe, with the power to improve lives, transform communities, generate jobs and growth, and create spill-over effects into other sectors, ensuring that Europe becomes the powerhouse of innovation in the world.

Mission and Vision

Joining the EIT Community in June 2022, EIT Culture & Creativity will start to become operational in the coming year. Once operational EIT Culture & Creativity will house a sustainable ecosystem for European Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI), connecting and collaborating world-class partners, accelerating ecosystem-centred innovations and businesses, reaching hearts and minds of global audiences with experiences, products and services to shape resilient futures.

EIT Culture & Creativity will bring together 50 partners from 20 countries across Europe. You can find the full list of partners in this factsheet.


EIT Culture and Creativity will develop actions towards the following themes: 

  • Break boundaries in CCSI education by teaching cutting-edge technology to creatives and creativity as a cross-industry skill, increasing multidisciplinary collaborations of higher education leaders with creative industry economics, nurturing imaginative, creative businesspeople and market-savvy artists and designers.
  • Deliver mission-driven innovations leveraging the change-making power of CCSI to develop eco-systemic services and products rebuilding Europe after the COVID-19 pandemic as a carbon neutral continent. EIT Culture & Creativity will provide experimental spaces to enable creative innovations stimulated through research and technology transfer and early adoptions in emerging high growth global markets.
  • Transform CCSI businesses through custom-fitting innovation support, incubation schemes, and novel investments and philanthropic financing connecting existing networks of 2,000 creative hubs, 3,000 cultural institutions and 300,000 entrepreneurs across Europe.
  • Mainstream the impact and value of CCSI especially culture and heritage as an enabler for economic regeneration, and societal cohesion by supporting regions, cities and rural areas, to facilitate industrial and social changes including climate adaptation and mitigation.
  • Deepen the acknowledgement and knowledge of CCSI´s unique contributions to research and innovation ecosystems based on novel, data-driven methods, implemented standardisation of knowledge exchanges and smart monitoring of facts and figures. EIT Culture and Creativity will facilitate impact-driven dialogues with best-in-class innovators and policy-makers at all levels to unlock the potential of cultural and creative sectors and industries for a sustainable and thriving society.

By 2030, EIT Culture & Creativity will have delivered:

  • 1,500 graduates from EIT-labelled programmes
  • 44,000 professionals upskilled in 200 lifelong learning courses
  • 400 tested innovations, 155 marketed innovations, 5500 IP entries
  • 1,100 organisations supported to expand their business and reach
  • EUR 80 million invested in start-ups with 200 start-ups created
  • 250 initiatives that promote and celebrate EU identities, values and culture
  • 100 CCSI-driven community (re)generation initiatives
  • 1,800 CCSI organizations transformed to be more digital, green and social
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