About the PROMETHEUS Network

The PROMETHEUS project (https:/hei-prometheus.eu/) is an initiative of Universities, Research Centres and Enterprises from Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Romania and North Macedonia. Our vision is to foster institutional engagement and change in Higher Education, through developing innovative methods and sustainable systems and services, towards accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship in HEIs and their ecosystems in the areas of Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development, contributing to a positive impact on students, staff, faculty and to broader societal goals. PROMETHEUS is funded by the European Union, under the EIT HEI Initiative (eit-hei.eu).

Headlining our efforts, the PROMETHEUS International Startup Competition 2022 aims to embrace early stage business ideas leading to either innovative startups or social entrepreneurship approaches including new applications and technological ideas, relevant to the objectives of the PROMETHEUS project, in the domains of Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development. Emphasis will be placed not only on awards but on the systematic assistance and finding of resources for startups in the long run. The best business ideas will be awarded, widely publicised and further supported for their implementation through associated incubators, accelerators and funding agencies.

The competition is supported by mentors from the PROMETHEUS Network, comprising leading academics and industry / public sector executives, who will provide their advice for the development of business ideas.