Technology Centre Mapping

Technology Centres help SMEs cross the ‘Valley of Death’ and go from lab to market to develop and produce new ATI-based products. They help companies reduce the time-to-market for new innovation ideas.

What are “Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI)” Technology Centres?

ATI Technology Centres are public or private organisations carrying out applied research and close-to-market innovation (Technology Readiness Levels TRL 3 to 8, not necessarily the whole range) in Advanced Technologies for Industry.

Technology Centres typically provide the following services to SMEs:

  • Access to technology expertise and facilities for validation;
  • Demonstration;
  • Proof of concept / lab testing
  • Prototype development and testing;
  • Pilot production and demonstration/ pilot lines / pre-series
  • Product validation / certification

What are the criteria for inclusion in the mapping?

1. Technology Centres have to comply with 3 qualitative criteria:

  • Provide services to industry and SMEs
  • Be active in at least one of the Advanced Technologies for Industry
  • Be active in the higher Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) -have activities in TRL5, TRL6, TRL 7 or TRL 8

2. Technology Centres have to comply with at least 2 additional quantitative criteria among the following 4:

  • More than 10 projects with SMEs in the last two years.
  • More than 2 major investments in equipment for close-to-market R&D activities with industry in the last 3 years. The Centre should provide a short description of these investments (type, functionality and investment amount).
  • At least 15% from industrial funding in the total annual funding of the Centre in the last 2 years.
  • At least 7% from projects with SMEs in the total turnover of the Centre in the last 2 years.

Technology Centres are responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the information provided.

In total, 45 Technology Centres are located within the geographical extent of the PROMETHEUS project (Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Romania and North Macedonia).

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