Teaching Factories Competition 2022 is now open!

A Teaching Factory is a collaboration space where practitioners bring experience from the factory to teach students, while students and faculty bring knowledge from the classroom to teach practitioners. This collaboration is supported with a web conferencing platform and is an ongoing process, with regular sessions and continuous interaction between the factory and the classroom.

The EIT Manufacturing Teaching Factories Network enables companies and learners to interact on a wide variety of challenges and disciplines.

What is this initiative about?

Teaching Factories Competition on Green Manufacturing is an initiative of advanced training dedicated to University students and VET (Vocational Education & Training) students promoted by EIT Manufacturing.

The Teaching Factory Competition will run in 2022 as a lighthouse Initiative of EIT Manufacturing’s  Education Pillar. The main objective is to promote the use of the Teaching Factories educational methodology, by giving visibility to the benefits of academia-business collaborations in a context of manufacturing innovation.

For the Initiative in 2022, “Green manufacturing” will be the main topic to frame the challenges of the companies.

What are the main aims of the Teaching Factories Competition ?

This initiative aims at:

  • allowing companies to learn about and experience the benefits of using advanced knowledge and methods taught in the Universities to improve their processes/products, as well as addressing manufacturing challenges through the application of the Teaching Factories paradigm and framework.
  • allowing university and VET students to test their competences by applying them to real industrial problems and challenges, improving their preparation (Challenge-Based Learning).
  • offering teachers and industrial mentors an opportunity to support the students in generating solutions in a collaborative environment facilitated by the Teaching Factories methodology.

This collaboration framework allows participating companies to benefit from solutions and ideas to solve their problems and challenges, making their manufacturing greener.

Are you ready to take part? Apply now!

Is your company interested in submitting a challenge? Apply before 23 March 2022!

Is your University or VET Centre interested in participating with Solver Teams to address the industrial challenges on Green Manufacturing? Apply before 30 March 2022!

For any question, contact on the following email address: [email protected]

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