PROMETHEUS represented at Human Drive 4 Future Manufacturing (19 October)

PROMETHEUS will be represented at Human Drive 4 Future Manufacturing”, organized by EIT, within the context of the World Manufacturing Week. Taking place at Milan and online on 19 October 2021 (9:30 AM – 2:55 PM CEST) the event brings together European Policy makers, global and local institutions, manufacturers, researchers and trainers to share the vision for the future of manufacturing and to debate how to boost manufacturing innovation, sustainability and resilience through education and training.

The event leads the participants through 4 stages: starting from the vision for future human-centric manufacturing, exploring the jobs and skills that will be needed, finding out relevant resources to develop those skills, to finally land on the role of education and training in transforming business ecosystems.

Check out the agenda: 

Michael Kornaros (University of Patras), Leader of Education and Training Activities for PROMETHEUS is participating on “Higher Education Capacity Building Initiative Consortia” pitches, 14:10-14:25 CEST.
Additionally, Michael Kornaros and Yannis Charalabidis (University of the Aegean), Project Coordinator for PROMETHEUS will be available at PROMETHEUS virtual booth (link available shortly).

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In general, the World Manufacturing Week is a unique opportunity to discover and inquire into the best practices, needs, approaches, mindsets and solutions to relaunch the future of manufacturing and create a holistic, inclusive, and accountable background to foresee the economic changes of the future. In addition, the Week aims to create an open platform for discussing key production challenges and opportunities in order to support organisations by proactively exchanging ideas and best practices.

Taking place on 18-22 October, the Week will complement the programme of the Forum, providing participants with further occasions to discuss and analyze key issues affecting the manufacturing sector. Constituting a unique opportunity for partners to showcase and share innovative practice and ideas, the World Manufacturing Week will feature a number of targeted events organized by companies, business associations, universities and research organizations, and public institutions.