PROMETHEUS at HEI Co-Creation Workshop #1 (27-28 Oct 2021)

PROMETHEUS core team attended HEI Co-Creation Workshop #1 on October 27 & 28 2021. 

The main objectives of the HEI Co-Creation Workshop #1 were to empower project teams with knowledge and tools potentially useful to achieve success within the stakeholders’ activities and to strengthen the EIT’s HEI Initiative community by giving all partners opportunities to co-create with other projects on key topics.

HEI Co-Creation Workshop #1 was divided into four sessions of three hours each, one session for each of the four IVAP Domains.

  • Session 1: DOMAIN 1 – Fostering institutional engagement and change
  • Session 2: DOMAIN 2 – Strengthening partnerships (knowledge triangle integration)
  • Session 3: DOMAIN 3 – Contribution to developing innovations and businesses
  • Session 4: DOMAIN 4 – Enhancing the quality of innovation and entrepreneurial education

Each session was structured with a format including two main approaches:

  • Roundtables with experts identified and selected by the KICs for their distinctive insights on one or more IVAP Actions;  
  • Breakout room discussions where relevant members of the HEI Initiative projects identified opportunities for impact, reflected on potential barriers and shared good practices for IVAP implementation