Infinitech Workshop Cluster #2

On 10th March, 2022 at 10:00 (CET), Crowdpolicy organises one of the H2020 INFINITECHStakeholders’ Workshops for cluster#2 pilots, “Category 2: Personalized Retail and Investment Banking Services Cluster#2 Pilots- Workshop.

Check out the Agenda:

10:00–10:05 | Welcome Theo Kotzastavros, Crowdpolicy

10:05–10:20 | A case study: Crossover, Petros Voivontas, Crowdpolicy

10:20–10:40 | Intelligent Analysis for KYC Transactions Data and Data Services for STOP THE TRAFFIK, Pilot 03: Insight-Centre, BFI

10:40–10:45 | Feedback Session from Stakeholders

10:45–11:05 | Personalized Portfolio Management, Pilot 04: Prive, RB

11:05–11:10 | Feedback Session from Stakeholders

11:10–11:30 | Business Financial Management (BFM) tools delivering a Smart Business Advice, Pilot 05b: BOC, UPRC

11:30–11:35 | Feedback Session from Stakeholders

11:35–11:55 | Personalized Closed-Loop Investment Portfolio Management for Retail Customers, Pilot 06: NBG, CP

11:55–12:00 | Feedback Session from Stakeholders

12:00–12:25 | Open discussion, Q/A and Feedback, Theo Kotzastavros, Crowdpolicy

12:25–12:30 | Outro and conclusion notes, Theo Kotzastavros, Crowdpolicy

Join the discussion and develop deeper insights to highlight the transformative solutions that can be deployed by collaborating experts, shaping the future of digital finance!

In order to participate, please register till 9th of March 2022 —

The event will be held in English

Recording Consent: With your registration you consent to the event being recorded, and to be published in any public channel that INFINITECH partners decide to be.

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