Entrecomp awards, an initiative of the European Union, are now open for applications

The Entrecomp community has announced that the Entrecomp awards, an initiative of the European Union, are now open for applicants. You or your organisation can now apply for all four awards, including the coveted EntreComp Champion Award.

What are the EntreComp Awards?

The EntreComp Awards are about recognising anyone who wants to be part of building an inclusive and diverse community of people and organisations involved in entrepreneurial learning. These awards are about celebrating those who are starting out as well as those who are further along in how they contribute to supporting entrepreneurial learning and the use of EntreComp. The action is part of a wider EntreComp Synergies initiative to connect and grow the EntreComp Community  across all sectors and was originally designed and tested through the EntreCompEurope project co-financed by the COSME programme of the European Union.

Participation can bring you or your organisation into the growing network of practitioners, organisations and policymakers who are a part of The EntreComp Community.

The Awards include recognition at four levels:

  • Supporter – showing your interest in the use of EntreComp to underpin entrepreneurial learning
  • Explorer – exploring and testing how to use EntreComp through their work
  • Practitioner – actively using EntreComp to underpin entrepreneurial learning across different areas of their work
  • Champion – using EntreComp as a supporting tool to transform entrepreneurial learning policy or practice within and beyond their organisation

Who can apply?

All 4 levels are open for individuals and organisations.

How to apply?

  • To apply for any badge go to www.entrecomp.com/awards.  The application process is simple – just scroll down to find the badge you want to apply for and click.  
  • All recipients are mentioned in The EntreComp Community Yearbook, and the badge can be shared via the platform as well as through social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn. The badges show your engagement and commitment to this work and to being part of the over 700 individuals and organisations that make up the EntreComp Community.

Want to go further and apply to be a Champion?

  • Please apply before November 15th – to ensure your award is eligible for the next EntreComp Awards ceremony which will be part of Being Entrepreneurial 2022 event in Brussels on 22nd November. 
  • All champions will be profiled in the EntreComp Community website, your shared practices will be highlighted through newsletters and publications and there will be opportunities to be involved in online and in-person events delivered through the EntreComp Community and network partners.

The EntreComp Synergies initiative is led by Bantani Education, and implementation partners include PEEP, All Digital, EIT Raw Materials and EIT Food. With support provided by Materahub and Thinqi.

Original Post and Application Guidelines: https://entrecomp.com/awards/