EIT has published a full list of full and associated HEI Initiative partners

EIT has uploaded a full list of organisations participating in the selected projects of EIT HEI Initiative.

The list includes both full and associated partners, HEIs and non-academic organisations: https://www.eit-hei.eu/assets/pdf/HEI_Initiative_List_20210715.pdf  

Full Partners are those participating organisations which contribute actively to the achievement of the pilot project objectives. Each full partner must sign a mandate to confer to the coordinating organisation the responsibility of acting as main beneficiary and act in his name during the implementation of the project.

Associated Partners are organisations which contribute to the implementation of specific project tasks/activities or support the dissemination and sustainability of the results achieved. For contractual management issues, “associated partners” are not considered as part of the project partners, and they do not receive funding.

Learn more about EIT HEI Initiative: https://www.eit-hei.eu/