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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has much to offer for manufacturing organisations. Yet, often little is known about the level of the organisations’ readiness to embrace it.

The AI Maturity Tool is part of an initiative on artificial intelligence, in which several Knowledge and Innovation communities of European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) are involved. EIT Digital, EIT Health, EIT Manufacturing, EIT ClimateKIC and EIT InnoEnergy have joined forces to foster collaboration in, education about, and uptake of artificial intelligence by European enterprises and society:

  • Leveraging AI for economic benefits while securing European values
  • Educating on AI for society and workforce to be ready for new challenges
  • Engage in shaping the development of AI policies and regulations

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With the AI Maturity Tool, organisations can assess themselves how prepared they are for the use of AI. The web-based tool by VTT creates a result graph based on the information participants enter into a questionnaire and provides a visualisation of the organisation’s AI maturity.

The graph highlights AI maturity in six dimensions, which then can be used to recognise the most important, required or urgent development targets. These targets vary depending on the nature of the business and size of each organisation.

The tool will also allow for comparisons of AI maturity levels, once the number of participants has grown. The tool guarantees anonymity of entered data.

The AI Maturity Tool is available in Castilian, English, Finish, French, German, Spanish, Polish and Italian. For any questions, a contact person is named in the respective language editions, to assist participants in understanding the assessment results and defining how to proceed afterwards.

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