Crowdpolicy acting as innovation enabler through crowdhackathons

Within the last few weeks, Crowdpolicy has been actively organizing hackathons for European projects and important organizations in Greece. 

The INFINITECH Approach Hack Challenge will take place remotely, on Wednesday 24th November 2021. The Hack Challenge is powered by Crowdpolicy, with the support of Universities of Nicosia, Glasgow and Piraeus, within the context of INFINITECH, a flagship H2020 project for Digital Finance in Europe. 

Participants are invited to utilize the project’s tools, such as INFINITECH Technology Marketplace and Data 4 your Product, in order to tackle digital finance challenges. Indicatively:

  • Profitability Estimation
  • Investment Data Utilization
  • Applications for Enhancing Finance Training
  • Collaborative filtering recommendation models
  • Collaborative Customer-centric Data Analytics for Financial Services
  • Personalized Portfolio Management / Automated Personalized Investment Recommendations for Retail Customer
  • Business Financial Management (BFM) tools for Smart Business Advice
  • Personalized Closed-Loop Investment Portfolio Management for Retail Customers
  • Financial transactions Data and Online Social media Data for KYC, AML or Stop the Traffic scenarios
  • Portfolio Optimization algorithm for better investment propositions for retail Clients
  • Enable SMEs to better understand & be in control of their business/financial health
  • Leverage large customer datasets and large volumes of customer-related alternative data sources (social media, news feeds, etc.)

The upcoming be a part of hack OAED crowdhackathon is taking place 4-5 Dec 2021 at Innovathens (hybrid), as an open innovation technological action, aiming to activate (community activation) the innovation ecosystem, organizations and companies to create original applications that promote the digital transformation of OAED – the official Manpower Employment Organization in Greece, through new and innovative applications for social impact.

Indicative thematic areas and examples of be a part of hack OAED crowdhackathon are:

Fighting unemployment

  • Unemployment monitoring models
  • Big data analytics
  • Job search applications
  • Matchmaking platforms
  • Youth unemployment
  • Active Employment Policies

Education and training

  • Portals for practical work
  • Educational platforms with modern cognitive objects
  • Online consulting services
  • Digital skills

Entrepreneurship for everyone and everyone

  • Entrepreneurship and Employment Observatory
  • Dissemination of new business models
  • Search for financing methods
  • Search for partners

Upgrade procedures

  • Digitization of back office processes
  • Executive training
  • Digital workflows
  • Collaborative tools with other actors
  • Digital assistants (chatbots)

Previously, Future Greek Rail Hackathon took place on 23-24 October, for OSE – The Hellenic Railways Organization, seeking after solutions on:

Railway infrastructure and procedures

  • Smart use of maps and network visualisation
  • Digitisation of back office processes
  • Training of executives – development of digital skills through actions of OSE
  • Digital workflows
  • Use of new and “smart” materials on the railway
  • Mechanisms and procedures for measuring railway traffic data with modern meters and IoT technologies, big data etc
  • Mechanisms and tools for monitoring civil engineering works (e.g. bridges, tunnels)
  • Applications for security issues, especially in the open railway line
  • Commercial use of optical fibres, telecommunications
  • Digital twin modeling

Green management, environmental protection and social solidarity

  • Green cities and rail transport
  • Transport and communication systems with a green footprint
  • Accessibility of public spaces
  • Participatory planning
  • Applications for the environment
  • Applications and services of social interest (e.g. civil protection, environmental protection, social solidarity actions, etc.)
  • Applications to support local communities in relation to OSE infrastructure, applications to promote volunteering, etc.

Passenger experience and information mechanisms

  • Interconnection of information mechanisms for public and private means of transport, smart routing applications, etc
  • Upgrade of journey infotainment
  • Smart ticketing
  • Departure / arrival optimisation
  • Use of combined means of transport (smart mobility
  • Booking & ticketing engine
  • Sentiment mapping
  • Digital assistants

Data Utilisation

  • Smart routing
  • Telematics data
  • Weather data
  • Use of any kind of open data
  • Passenger data
  • Creation of dashboards for decision making

Commercial Transport

  • Optimisation of transport efficiency per km of freight transport connection
  • Interconnection with logistics centres and update of current status
  • Real-time monitoring of freight transport connections
  • Connection of logistics centres and industrial areas with railway transport