11th International School on Digital Innovation and Startup Entrepreneurship – DigiBus2023 – 3 Jul 2023 to 7 Jul 2023 in Samos

On 3 – 7 July 2023, the University of the Aegean, Department of Information & Communication Systems Engineering, organised the 11th International School on Digital Innovation and Startup Entrepreneurship – DigiBus2023, on the beautiful island of Samos. Greece.

PROMETHEUS team actively participated in the Summer School providing keynote lectures, mentoring and organisational support.

DigiBus2023 introduced attendees to the world of start-ups and multi-channel marketing and provided them with the advanced technical skills needed to identify, engage, and develop relationships with customers in a digital environment. During the summer school participants had access to targeted mentoring by professionals  and were supported in increasing their online business visibility and conversion rates, thanks to modern growth-hacking marketing strategies.

Upon completion of the summer school and after an intense week of mentoring, shaping and reforming, improving and learning through interactive discussions, continuous feedback, and collaboration, the final business ideas of the team leaders were presented to the audience.

Participation of the PROMETHEUS team in the Summer School coincides with the completion of the PROMETHEUS Project after two years of implementing actions towards fostering institutional engagement and change to develop innovative and sustainable services and programs in Higher Education Institutions. 

A warm thank you to all DigiBus2023 participants for this knowledgeful, entrepreneurial experience!