Smart mirror on the wall


Smart people, smart TVs, smart phones, smart devices all around us... But have you heard of smart mirrors? You have definitely heard the sentence – “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” from the movie “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs”. Here we present you our – “Smart mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” . This mirror is a two-way mirror with a display behind it that is typically used to display useful information like the time and date, the weather, your calendar, news and social media updates! Want to watch TV while making a dinner? Want to listen music while cleaning the house? Of course the answer is yes, so we present you our Smart mirror. It can be placed in the bathroom, in the hall, in the kitchen, even in the garden because the newest version is waterproof. Also, mirrors can be in different dimensions and forms, so they can be used in school, private or public administrations, in hospital and in the town square too. Smart mirrors can be also used as advertisement for other companies.

Development of technology contributes to the improvement of the luxurious life of the people, by giving them such a mirror. At the same time, they can look at themselves and communicate with their friends, watch the news, use social media, and even workout in front of the mirror, while watching workout exercises. This mirror is made of the following parts:
-the mirror and frame
-a monitor, tablet, TV or PC,
-IR Touch overlay or PCAP film (optional)
-IR Repeater (optional).

Idea of this project is to start in Skopje, Macedonia and Belgrade, Serbia. We have offers from other countries too, but we are not in a hurry. From the statistics we have made, the products will be available in other countries in approximately a year.
The production and sale of the mirrors will start in Skopje 2023. In addition, the products will be distributed in the surrounding cities and in Belgrade. Of course there will also be online sales.

Our manager has 12 year experience in production of digital technologies, also mechanical and electrical engineers are in the field of this type of production. Our team is hardworking, with strong leadership, communicative and have clear goals and plans.
Unique features of our idea are the perfect design and transparency of the mirrors. Also the resolution of the display behind mirror. Smart mirror is also waterproof and heat resistant to around 100 C°. If your hands are dirty, or if u are far from your mirror, you can just say “Smart mirror” or clap 2 times, and the mirror will talk back to you to respond for your needs. If you want to turn off the mirror you can just say – “Bye Mirror”, and don’t be scared because he will respond to you and say goodbye!
The features of mirror are:
-superior optical quality,
-70% Reflective, 30% Transparent,
-easy to clean,
-scratch-resistant coating,
-better quality than 2-way glass,
-cuts like regular glass,
-careful packaging & fully insured.

Sustainable Development Goals

9. Industry , innovation and infrastructure

Innovative product that everyone would love to have. Relatively cheap and certainly in high demand in the future. Definitely the beginning of the development of better technologies and industry.

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