CarTrack is an innovative app that tracks your car data through a specific software that's integrated into the ECU. Specifically, a custom script will be offered to car manufacturers in order to integrate it into the ECU. This software will collect and analyze the data that will be received like distance traveled, car temperature in proportion to RPMs and others, then it will send these data to an online cloud. The data will be available to view through an app that will be connected in real-time with the cloud. Also, a public solution will be available offering a device connecting to the OBD port, and getting its information through the port and sending them directly to the cloud.
The idea behind this is that many people nowadays tend to neglect the importance of a well-maintained car and as the car industries try to make the engines more environmentally friendly but also trying to make the same power as older engines the need for software to inform the user about when something needs to change is critical. Moreover, many car workshops already try to benefit from most people's ignorance by exploiting most customers and charging more than they should. Lastly, many people, when trying to resell a car, change the mileage of the car and also readjust the ECU data to their needs. This way, they present a car to the potential buyer totally different than what the actual car is.
This idea targets the world market as it will be available both for the car industry and for each individual car owner. The main revenue generation mechanism will differ depending on the buyer. Car industries will get only the software as they can integrate it directly into the ECU, the car owners will have to buy the device that has the software integrated instead. The main revenue is expected to come from the sale of software copies to car industries as they will have to buy 1 copy for each car.
The team consists of 3 members. The two of them have deeply automotive knowledge whereas the 3rd one knows good English and also is interested in the car community.
By sending information directly to the cloud the user will know in real-time what is going on with his car and he can easily understand any problem that occurs. Also, the app will suggest to the user some possible solutions that will save him time and money. Moreover, the user will not be able to modify any of the data that are saved on the cloud. Obviously, every buyer that will install the aftermarket device on their car will get to select his car model and take the same advantages as the users that will have the software already installed by the car manufacturer. Last but not least, the cars that will have the device installed will be much easier to be resold since the potential new buyer will not have to worry about fake mileage and false displays of the car ECU.

Sustainable Development Goals

9. Industry , innovation and infrastructure

By having the software to monitor the ECU while sending the information to the cloud it will be impossible for the user to modify these readings. Our idea supports Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure development goals as it offers a solution to a problem that many are aware of but most of them can not do something

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