Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Domains of
Digital Transformation, Circular Economy and
Sustainable Development

About Us

PROMETHEUS project is an initiative of Universities, Research Centres and Enterprises from Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Romania and North Macedonia, with a vision to develop and share their innovation and entrepreneurship support capabilities in the area of digital transformation related to circular economy, climate change and sustainable development. The main scope of PROMETHEUS project relates to fostering institutional engagement and change to develop innovative and sustainable services and programs to impact Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Circular Economy, along the following axes and objectives:

The community


The members have skills and can be natural persons from Greece or from another country. A member can submit an idea, in the context of a competition or outside it.

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The mentor is an unpaid assistant in shaping an idea. The mentors provide business experience and come from the University of the Aegean community or they are external.

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An angel is a private investor or business that supports an idea, financing it or providing an important service or resource for its implementation, at a very early stage.

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Supporter - Sponsor

Supporters and sponsors are individuals or organizations inside or outside the University of the Aegean community that may support an idea or competition.

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